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Snow Plowing, Sanding, and Snow Throwing

Serving all of Long Island - Commercial & Residential

Phoenix Sealcoat is offering professional Snow Plowing, Sanding, and Snow Throwing this winter season. Snow removal contracts available now. Call 631-331-9300 today!

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Best Seal Coating in Suffolk County. Hands down.

Welcome to the web site of the best Seal Coating company in Suffolk County, NY!

• Owner does job!
• Owner books job!

We wish all businesses were like this!

If you think this does not matter, then hold your breath till the competitors "guys" show up. Not for nothing, Doug is a good guy to have around on Sealcoat day. (That is, if you like no "No Nonsense Folks" working around your house.) It's one thing to have a plan. It's another thing to make it happen.

We strive to be the best Sealcoating service in Suffolk County, NY. Being in business for many years, we have an outstanding relationship with clientele throughout Suffolk County and LI. We offer driveway sealing services at affordable rates while maintaining top notch quality.

go green!

Together we save the landfills more than

6,000 plastic buckets!
Phoenix Seal Coat Driveway Sealing
Seal Your Driveway

Catering to the owners of well-kept homes where neatness counts.

Protect * Beautify * Maintain * Instant Curb Appeal!

Phoenix Sealcoat has created, perfected and implemented techniques and systems, previously unavailable in the industry, to ensure reliability, quality and neatness in the performance of our driveway maintenance services. It is our mission to bring this level of quality to our neighbors and friends in Suffolk County, NY and all LI.

**Expert Driveway Sealing**

*Thick Velvetop Sealer* *Brushed, Never Sprayed*

Established in 1989, we embarked on a quest to provide actual curbside estimates to everyone on Long Island. To-date, we have tabulated over 67,000 estimates (That's a lot of estimates) and have developed a system to generate a price for most first-time customers within 24 hours...and often immediately.

Please have fun exploring our website and contact us anytime for a quote, to book a day or just to chat-- we'd love to hear from you.
It will be our pleasure to serve you.

We are the Driveway Guys!
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